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Circling Back to Direct Mail

Direct Mail GraphicDirect Mail has been proven to drive customer traffic and sales with the most successful marketing campaigns designed to use multiple channels.
Well-crafted direct mail pieces stand out, get noticed and build engagement with consumers of all ages.

The direct mail piece focuses on capturing the interest of a potential customer with the digital component providing the rest of the details. If you think about it, this marketing approach is no different than a direct mail piece encouraging a customer to visit a retail store. It’s always about initiating some type of call-to-action.

Statistics for the Benefits of Direct Mail

Here are some Direct Mail Business Benefits you should consider:

  • You stay in control of your target audience.
  • You control where to focus your media dollars.
  • You control what needs to be measured and how to improve the effectiveness of future campaigns.
  • Interactive mail pieces work with every sense through product samples, visual representations, QR Codes and more.
  • You control formats, quantities, and postage options to fit your marketing budget.
  • Mail pieces present a more complete story of products and services.
  • Mail may be passed-along to like-minded friends, family and associates.
  • Mail is easier to file and reference for later use.
  • Mail is easy to measure the ROI.
  • Packaged mail pieces can include a survey or questions on a reply card.
  • And remember, on average, consumers receive between two to three pieces of Direct Mail a day as compared to 100 plus emails.