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B-2-Me Marketing

Customized “B2Me” catalogs and magazines are making an impressive impact on the consumer market. Printing technologies, focused data driven client database portfolios, streamlined logistics and specialized catalog fulfillment are contributing to a new age of direct mail.

Business to Me Marketing (B2ME)

I recently came across an interesting example of real-time B-2-ME Marketing at ZEB magazine of Belgium. Their print run of 150,000 copies are so customized and personalized that no two copies are alike.







ZEB magazine is an instructive example of what is possible for catalogers and publishers. ZEB, a multi-brand fashion publisher, uses customer data — such as purchase history, age, gender, favorite brands, and place of residence — to customize the text and images on multiple pages of its customer “magazine,” which is arguably a catalog.

Watch ZEB’s YouTube video. It provides some insight to the retailer’s strategy for their future use of print marketing. It is a must-see for catalogs, magazine marketers, print geeks, and all who care about the future of publishing.

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